This system records the kilometres travelled and running costs in cents per kilometre for each new and recap of a tyre. It gives a summary of usage for each make of tyre and recap. For each tyre it keeps a record of 3 recaps plus the usage of the new tyre. For the fourth and more recaps, an average of each recap is kept. These usages are reflected in each make of tyre and recap. For each make of tyre, the usage is further categorised into current tyres and tyres which are disposed of. The system keeps all transactions of tyre changes. The usage of tyres is updated automatically by the fuel input programs (both depot and charge card fuels).

Within the tyre recording system, there is a facility to rotate the position of the tyres on the vehicle. The 'Tyre Rotation' program will keep a record of which tyre was on which vehicle, and for how long (time and Km travelled).

If you are interested in obtaining a quote for any of the above mentioned options, please email tiger@dataspeed.com.au

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