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Stop Leave Accruing when employee takes Leave Without Pay

As the name suggests, the 'Stop Entitlement Accruing when Employee takes LWOP' option is used to adjust the annual leave, sick leave & long service leave entitlements for employees who take LWOP and are therefore not entitled to accrue leave for that particular period. This option is now available (June 18, 2008).

Drivers Licence Card Number field (for RTA Licence checking)

New field in Payroll Employee Masterfile to store the unique drivers licence 'card number' & new 'RTA checklist' report. This option basically will assist operators with their accreditation requirement to ensure all drivers have a valid RTA drivers licence (using the MYRTA website)

Leave Request option

This option allows employees to submit a leave request, which is then printed on the employees next payslip after the Payroll period has been processed. It will state if the request has been approved or declined. If the leave request is approved, then in the pay period in which the leave request falls, a leave transaction will automatically be created in Current Pay Transactions for that employee.

Intranet System

This option allows the employee to log into the intranet to review and amend certain fields in their own Payroll Employee Masterfile record - which is password protected. This option allows employees to maintain and update their own name/address, phone number, martial status, next of kin etc information.

It allows them a review only facility to their last 2 years of leave history, current leave entitlement, TFN, banking details and drivers licence information. Operators that have this option and the Leave Request option have the ability for their employees to actually process and review their own leave requests.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote for any of the above mentioned options, please email tiger@dataspeed.com.au

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