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  • Windows Payroll users

    Primeworks will cease supporting the Windows Dataspeed Payroll after 30/06/2014. We will provide support for any Payment Summary questions until 14th July (do-and-charge basis at our non-maintenance client hourly rate).
  • Windows Charters, Audit Compliance and Shifts & Rosters Users

    We shall cease supporting Windows Charters and Windows Audit Compliance after 31/12/2014 & Windows Shifts and Rosters after 30/06/2015. The .NET Audit Compliance is commercially available, the .NET Charters will be ready for Beta Testing around August-September and commercially available by the end of this year.
  • The following information is important to all Windows Dataspeed users, running MS SQL Server.
  • We have recently discovered that MS SQL 2012 is NOT compatible with the current version of Dataspeed Windows software. There are a large number of triggers in the database and VB codes in our programs which, with the MS SQL 2012 Engine, are no longer compatible.
  • We therefore strongly advise against updating your MS SQL server to 2012 or you will experience errors (and the program will not work properly). If you do wish to upgrade to 2012, you will need to contact for a quote to have your database and program(s) updated BEFORE you upgrade your server.
  • Please note, we will not be making any program changes to the Windows SSTS or Windows Bus Maintenance (as these programs are no longer supported by PrimeWorks) and from June next year, Windows Payroll, Windows Charters and Windows Audit Compliance.
  • Windows Payroll and Bus Maintenance Users
  • PRIMEWORKS® will officially cease supporting the DATASPEED® Windows Bus Maintenance AND Payroll systems after June 30, 2014. There will be NO programming changes to the Windows code for these 2 modules once they are both Commercially Released (later this year) and no software support will be provided by PRIMEWORKS® after June 30, 2014.
  • The PRIMEWORKS® .NET Vehicle Maintenance system is in BETA release, currently trialled by a number of our Foundation clients – who will be going live this month with it. If you would like a quote for this product, please email The PRIMEWORKS® .NET Payroll system is approximately ½ way through the coding, and we are targeting a BETA release for late September-early October. Please note, any changes for the 2013-2014 Payment Summaries (which will be released by the ATO in April-May next year) will be made in the .NET system only.
  • Windows Payroll Users
  • The 2012-13 'End of Financial Year' Payroll notes for Windows Payroll Users are now available free of charge to Primeworks® subscription clients and DATASPEED® clients on a valid Software Maintenance Contract.
  • Note: there are no changes to the Weekly Tax Co-Efficients for 2013-14.
  • Please email to obtain these notes.

    Magentic media details are available in the link below.
  • Click here to view the Windows Payroll Magnetic Media Information document
  • SSTS News
  • As you would be aware, PRIMEWORKS® will officially cease supporting the DATASPEED® Windows SSTS system after June 30, 2013. This means that there will be NO programming changes made to the Windows code from July 1, 2013, and no software support will be provided by PRIMEWORKS® .

    The PRIMEWORKS® .NET SSTS system has been commercially available for a while now and we have given operators ample time and opportunity to convert to the new platform. If you would like a quote for the new .NET system, please email

    The PRIMEWORKS® .NET Vehicle Maintenance system is close to its BETA release, and we envisage this system will be commercially available in August/September. We therefore will be ceasing support for the Windows Bus Maintenance program midway through next year.

    As from July 1, 2013 the hourly rate for Windows DATASPEED® programming and consulting will increase to $200 per hour, plus GST for clients on valid software maintenance contracts (double for those not with a maintenance contract with PrimeWorks). PRIMEWORKS® subscription clients will be eligible for discounted hourly rate, in goodwill for their ongoing support for our venture.

  • Payroll News
  • An extract from the January/February Bus NSW Bulletin “In order to comply with BOAS requirements, operators must keep updated with the validity of their employee’s driver licences and authorities”

    For several years now, the Windows DATASPEED® Payroll system has had a ‘Driver Authority Checking via Email’ option available for purchase

    This option is used to send a specially formatted email, referred to as an E-Mail Information Request (EMIR), requesting information from the TfNSW Driver Authority Information Service (DAIS).

  • To obtain a quote for this option, please email
  • Windows SSTS News
  • PrimeWorks® will officially cease supporting the DATASPEED® Windows SSTS system after June 30, 2013. The PrimeWorks® .NET SSTS system is now Commercially Available and being rolled out to our Foundation clients.
  • To obtain a quote for the .NET SSTS, please email
  • We’ve Moved!
  • DATASPEED®/PrimeWorks® has moved! Our new contact details are as follows:
  • Address: Suite 1 Level 4,
    10 Phillip St
    Parramatta 2150
    Postal Address: PO BOX 2351,
    North Parramatta 1750
    Phone: 02 8677 0160
    Fax: 02 8677 9135
  • We are having a special on all DATASPEED® options ordered prior to June 30th 2011. If you are interested in any of the DATASPEED® options, please email your request to tiger for a quote.

    To view which available options your company may use, simply click on the CURRENT AVAILABLE OPTIONS in each respective DATASPEED® module you are licenced to use.

  • Windows Charters Users
  • DATASPEED® has a new Charters option, to enable operators to reprint Charter invoices by nominated invoice number range. This option is being provided FREE OF CHARGE to all Software Maintenance contract clients and is available for download on the updates page now!
  • Windows Audit Compliance Users
  • DATASPEED® has recently completed upgrades to our AUDIT COMPLIANCE (Accreditation) software, expanding our 'Complaints Register' section. This comes in addition to extensions to the 'Early-Late Running Register' made last year. We are now working on extensions to the 'Accidents Register' section.
  • To obtain more information on these extensions, or to obtain a quote on the Audit Compliance System itself, please email tiger.

  • All Windows Systems
  • Audit Trail Option

    This new option is an add-on to any or all DATASPEED® systems.

    Once this Audit Trail system is installed, operators can select which tables, and which fields within those tables, will be monitored for data changes.

    The option will report the field name, the old and new values, the date and time of the change, the computer name of the workstation and the DATASPEED® login name of the user who performed the change.

  • If you would like more details or a quote on this option, please email tiger

  • We have a new option that links the Audit Compliance and Payroll systems (in the same schema). The new option will allow you to enquire on the Incidents, Accidents, Complaints and OH&S information (entered in Audit Compliance) from the Payroll Employee Masterfile Update program (i.e. without having to go into the respective register in the Audit Compliance module).

    If you are interested in obtaining a quote, please email tiger

  • BOAS Auditing
  • If anyone is looking for an independent auditor, a long term user & good friend of ours (Rhonda Small) is an RAQBSA Certified BOAS Auditor. Rhonda has over 40 years experience in the NSW Private Bus Industry and has managed both large and small operations. She uses the BOAS Auditing Tool & offers competitive rates for BCA members. For more enquiries to use her services, please contact Rhonda directly on 0407 457 651 or
  • *IMPORTANT* - All DOS Users
  • An Important Notice regarding the future of DATASPEED® for ALL current DOS users is available.
  • Click here to view the notice

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